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Lately I’ve been feeling like I need a manager more than ever.  That’s a good thing though, because there’s so much going on that makes me some of the busiest I’ve been since moving to LA four years ago.

My latest record, Hammers & Strings EP officially graced the earballss of the internet world on March 27th along with a music video premier of my song “Loud and Clear.”  The video was shot and edited by my good friend and up-and-coming director Nick Stathis.  We filmed the video on location at my apartment building…this is the big time!  Anyhow, the idea behind the video is that I’m playing piano in my room and I don’t think enough people can hear me so I bring my keyboard out to the fire escape and continue to rock out.  I grow increasingly skeptical that enough I’m reaching enough ears, so I lug my equipment up to my roof and the rocking out ensues.  With almost 1,200 in the first two weeks, I’m happy with the response.  I’ve had some great press on the album and a few great interviews.  Here’s a few links if you’re interested in catching some of my world-renown witty banter:

Artists On Demand – even though they spelled my name incorrectly, I had a fun time interviewing with Lisa.  Listen/download the interview here – – Great review by Amber Stokosa –

Yaya (AOD) – I hung out with Yaya from Artists On Demand before my show at House of Blues Anaheim and she had some nice things to say about me and my music –

I know it’s a lot of business, but I am excited to be building some momentum here with the new EP.  I hope you take a moment to check out the tunes and the video.  Any sharing is greatly appreciated, as I can’t do this without the help of people like you.  I could write all the music in the world, but without fans like you, I won’t be able to succeed.

And don’t worry, I’ll get back to ranting and joke-making asap.

Love you,



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Loud and Clear – official music video!

Here’s track three off my Hammers & Strings EP!

Shot and edited by Nick Stathis

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ahh Drummer roll pleease… (PART TWO)

So I’ve officially assembled a three-piece band and it is glorious.  Thanks to a grueling drummer audition process I have met Wyatt, an amazing drummer who totally gets my style and will be bringing his mental mentronome and heavy foot to gigs for now on.

With our first rehearsal under our belt, I’ve already booked our first official band show at the end of February, opening up for my buddies’ band XYZYX @ O’Briens in Santa Monica.  If you’re around, it’s a free show on the 28th @ 9:30.

The one thing that would put the cherry on the top of my band cake is a guitarist who sings.  Part of the fun of having a band to back me live is that I wouldn’t have to sing and play the whole time.  I don’t mind because there is something cool about watching a band go crazy and rocking out non-stop for a half hour.  But, I’d like to mingle with the audience and not have to worry about playing the whole time.  When am I going to find time to stage dive if I don’t have enough sound going on without me? (the eternal question, I know)

Anyhow, needless to say, so in other words, segway…I’m excited about playing with a full band.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates including but not limited to music video news, finding a guitarist, tour dates, free shows, Danny Devito jokes, etc etc.



ahh Drummer roll pleease… (PART ONE)

Much like the climax of your favorite movie centered around a music group, the band is getting back together!  Well maybe not back together but more like coming together for the first time…but then my joke wouldn’t have worked as well.

Translation: I have finished my first day of auditioning drummers for my live band and it was a great experience.

***WARNING, I was particularly heavy with run-on sentences, italicized clarifications and (overused) parentheses throughout this blog. But there’s still fun stuff to click on like always. Ok that’s all…go on, get in there!***

I’d say my excitement is especially due to the fact that I play sooooo many solo/acoustic shows.  I have had my friend and fellow singer/songwriter Adam Kurtz signed on to my project for a while, so it was nice to have him at auditions to start hearing our work pay off.  I’ll just say, it’s amazing to be playing with a drummer.  Once the drummer is in place, I’ll at least be able to play live as a three-piece a la the non-coincidentally-named band Ben Folds Five, fronted by my less-punk counterpart Ben Folds, who’s actually doing very well for himself these days, as a judge on the hit TV show “The Sing Off” or whatever, you know the one…with the singing on it.

Anyhow, I’ll admit that I am not a drummer first and foremost (in fact it’d technically be last and last-most…), so the drum parts I make up are a little different than typical beats, I think.  It’s interesting hearing each person’s take and method to my drumming style.  Some guys (and I say guys and not people because I had a female drummer that was supposed to come and never showed!  I was excited about the idea of a little estrogen behind the kit, but I guess Ms. *****n ******a will have to sit this one out) had a little of their own personal style in my beats while others were able to match my exact moves and hits.

At the end of the day I am a step closer to having a drummer and will have a second round of auditions to further narrow down the talent pool.  Stay tuned for more as the band gets back together! (from before, remember?)

Anyhow, I’d also like to share with you a video of a sunset that is also the view from my apt in LA.  Talk soon!

Love always,




Hey, what’s 2 + 2 equal? 4?! AGAIN?!

As I sip my giant coffee mug, holding my second mammoth-sized cup of coffee, and prepare to switch gears, the shift is non-detectable.  I carefully handle my ludicrously-sized mug to take another sip and realize how odd it is to be a DIY musician.  I’m essentially running my career from my computer in my studio apartment.

I wake up and I’m checking emails and getting caught up on the goings on from my multitude of social networking sites.  I genuinely enjoy interacting with anyone that has commented or reached out.  I may then seamlessly transition into promotion mode, as I check an email regarding booking a gig.  Immediately, the business casual attitude slips into place and I’m transacting some good opportunities for myself.  Then I’m hungry, so I go to the kitchen and cut up a pear to eat.

Walking back to my computer, finishing the last piece of a delicious pear, I remember that I’m in the middle of reaching out to music blogs regarding my new album, “Hammers & Strings EP.”  So, I open my bookmark toolbar and go through a handful of music blogs and e-mags looking for contact info so I can send them some semblance of an electronic press kit, messaging with hopes of future promotional ventures (i.e. interviews, album reviews, feature, etc.).

Sending one of the emails, I catch sight of my “to do” list poking out of a folder in front of me.  I see that I have some website adjustments to attend to and I head over to edit and improve my website design I just made featuring my “H&S EP” release.  And eventually I get to click the “publish” button and I’m done editing my website.

ah.  breath.  I feel inspired.

I walk over to my guitar and work on a chorus I have been tossing around in my head for a while.  Then I look at some new lyrics and mess around with those for a bit to see if anything catches.  Nothing really does.  Some cool ideas here and there, but overall, nothing is impressing me; I’m a harsh critic.

So far today I’ve been a social media intern, booking agent, PR team, regular person, graphic & web designer, and musician…and it’s only 2:30pm.  Doing it all yourself takes a lot these days, and I wonder what it was like back in like, the 60’s for trying to gain popularity in music.  I know one day I’ll have teams of people doing most of these aspects of my career, but until then I need to maintain my management/promotional/booking/design/creative team as a well-oiled machine.  There’s still way too many people who haven’t heard my music.

Love always,



Excuse me, is that your EP you just dropped?

So yesterday my second album, much like the testicles of Adam Levine have yet to do, dropped.  This is just fancy music biz lingo for “it is now available for mass consumption,” or if you’re an indie and widely unknown artist such as myself it means something more along the lines of “it is now on the internet and available for accidental click-throughs from the 27 people still listening to Eric Hutchinson.”  Ah, a little self-deprecating humor never hurt nobody…speaking of, where is Jim Gaffigan nowadays?  Wow, I digress…and I just gave you wayyy too many things to click before I got tell you what I wanted to in the first place….

So, my sophomore solo-music effort, graced the interwebs yesterday.  Hammers & Strings EP is now available for digital download from anywhere with an internet connection.  The fact that I can sit on my computer in a studio apartment in Silverlake and potentially deliver my six-song EP to someone in Japan is a fantastic truth about our world.  Though I prefer that person be from China, for the record.  No offense Japan, China just has so much of the US’s money…gimme some.

I worked very hard on this album for the greater part of 2011.  Between my time writing these songs and sketching out my ideas before heading into the studio, studio time recording all the music and mixing and mastering, and designing the album art and putting together a video or two five, I was ready to release it already.

I’m excited about H&S EP mostly because I truly played and produced everything on the album.  I sang every note, strummed every guitar, played every piano part, crashed every cymbal, yelled every gang vocal, etc. etc. all with the engineering expertise of the extremely talented and perpetually-Kiwi Tim Moore @ Mas Music Productions.  I definitely did strive to make the most dynamic songs I’ve created thus far in my career while staying true to my organic sound.  I just love the feeling of real drums, real guitars, and a piano.

So if you haven’t taken my bait yet, I would absolutely love to share my creation with you, even if you don’t intend to buy it.  Just head on over to my fancy bandcamp site and take a listen or 47 and share my site with ten or 800 of your facebook acquaintances.  Music is made for listening, and there isn’t a mindless idea on the entire EP and genuinely want the world to take notice and enjoy.  We all need this.

And hey, not all of these new songs are about girls, so just suck it up and open your earballs.  I’d love to hear what you think, so give me a shout on here or on facebook or any of the other sites I’ve indulged in to keep in touch with you all.

Love always,



ADD is a serious problem in today’s soci- wanna go ride BIKES???!!!

My “To Do” list for today was so big that I didn’t even have room to write “To Do” at the top.  And while I may be vigorously typing on my laptop at a Starbucks right now, I’m no cliche ok?!  Not until I start wasting my time away jotting half-realized poems down on scraps of paper and unused napkins can you throw such accusations my way.  A bottomless coffee cup in-hand is just where I am the most productive.  I’ve always had this ADD thing that was a big fad back when I was an early-teen, and aside from prescribed drugs, caffeine seems to be my number one tool for focus and productivity.  And, if I’m going to be a true DIY(do it yourself) musician in this day and age, I either need to dedicate hours of my freelance-musician day to creating and posting content or hours of my non-demanding full-time office work day to creating and posting content for the world to digest as quickly as it releases it back into the 10th or 11th “o” of it’s Google searches.  Regardless, there’s a lot of good that comes out of my days spent at a coffee shop, buried in my outdated macbook and attached portable hard drive.

(rant = over)

Last week I had a radio interview with Butterflies radio that was a lot of fun, and I ultimately announced that I’ll be releasing brand new music for your ipods and iclouds and any other piracy way you download music.  Get excited for December 1st.  Just get excited ok? thanks.  “HAMMERS & STRINGS EP” is on it’s way.

Also, I recently started a collaboration with a new and dear friend of mine, Adam Kurtz.  He writes some fun and rockin’ tunes that border on a genre that gets a bad rap for being trite and- well I’ll just say it…it’s country-ish, BIG emphasis on the “ish.”  Basically he’s going to be playing bass for me in my band and I’m going to be playing bass for him.

Ya hear that ma?! I’m a bassist…and my fingers hurt like all hell!

The music is super fun to play and definitely will find a cozy place in any indie-rock or rock ‘n roll scene.  Since the three of us are gelling so so well already, I’m stoked to try out something crazy, which is getting the drummer to play drums for my band too.  This would mean having the same members for two different bands with very different sounds.  I’m stoked for the future and even though I’m still looking for a guitarist to fill out the band, I trust that when that last piece fits into the puzzle, you won’t have to click that 10th or 11th “o” in your google results to find my music.

Love always,




PS: have you seen this video yet?

Previously on Eric Schackne Music Life Piano Vest etc etc

So I’m staying in LA now.

(that was my “previously on Eric Schackne Music Life Piano Vest…” etc etc ‘get you caught up’ tool)

I’ve had some very busy days getting my life re-charged and in order.  When I decided to move to NYC I didn’t sign another lease October 1st, so I’ve been technically homeless for the last month, gracing the unforgiving leather cushions that line my brother’s six-foot couch.  1/4 of my belongings is in storage in NoHo and 1/4 of my belongings is stored in an extra room at my old house, leaving a quarter of my stuff at my brothers and the remaining stuff in my car.  I’ve also spent almost all day everyday surfing padmapper looking for a place to live again.

When I decided to move, I called the apt office the morning I was supposed to sign the lease to say that I wasn’t going to sign that lease…and now I have to look all over again.  And believe me, there are some wacky places on the market right now! (whoah that came out stand-up-y…my bad)

But seriously folks, one of the places I looked at, expecting a guest room in a house in Los Feliz ended up being sort of a group home.  And there were two doors to the bedroom, one of which leading to another place’s living room (which I only found out because I went to open it and was abruptly told to stop.  So I then opened the closets to see how the doors worked and such and such, and the second closet I opened had a washer and dryer in it.  A washing machine…and also a drying machine…in the closet of what would be some idiot‘s room.  After finding out that was the washer and dryer for the entire dublex, I told her to stop explaining the “amenities” because I was leaving.

Aside from that, I released a youtube video this week; a lyric video for my new song “This Classic Romance” (click that if you haven’t seen it, I worked hard on it).  That’s true parentheses me, I DID work hard on it.  I spent the greater part of over three months designing the frames for the video.  I not only needed great photos but great hi-resolution photos that I could arrange letters on and be legible and interesting.  I really did strive to make each photo as important as the piece itself, and there are a few that I ended up being super proud of as far as graphic design goes.

The video has been doing pretty well on the internet I suppose, though I would love it to be going more “viral” because there really is a lot to it and you can watch it a million times and stil find something cool and new about it (the same way I feel about this giant oil paint replication of “Starry Night” by Van Gogh that I got a while ago)

Anyhow, I’ve also got this radio show tomorrow that I’ll technically be “releasing” my single during an interview.  And, I’m going to start reaching out to blogs with some art that I made for my album as well, in case you know someone that writes for a music blog…  I’m kind of hoping that if I just put a ton of hours into this and try to find something new to try every day, then this amorphous business model of the music industry might start to take some sort of form.

Whoah that sentence got away from me.

Well I’m off now, my reason for staying is back in town and I want to get some work done before my day exponentially improves.


Love always,


I spent a lot of time on this video, I’m allowed to push it in your faces.  Please share with your friends if you can 🙂

I’M A QUITTER…well, only sort of


So, I just had one of the best weekends of the year.

I’ve been going through this whirlwind of a life since deciding to move to New York City.  Aside from all of the details involved with the move, living on a couch with my stuff stored in multiple separate locations and ready to sell my car, I had been seeing a girl who I was excited about.

Now, I’ve always been career-driven, moving to Los Angeles over four years ago to make a life for myself with my music and talents.  I never thought that the reason I’d stay somewhere would be rooted in any person.  It turns out a person can help you re-frame your jaded perceptions about a long and tough road in an unforgiving city.

Part of what keeps you moving in an amorphous career path such as this is the motivation to constantly put the energy into progress.  I thought I had lost that for LA, and I remain convinced that it waits for me in NYC as well.  Despite that, there are so many big ideas that I have been working on that will finally see the light soon.  I feel rejuvinated and ready to make this new chapter of my life as enriched with happiness as with progress.

Love Always,



PS: listening to “Hold Out” by The Reign of Kindo … you’re welcome.

Hold Out – reign of kindo

N-why-C? Because.

So I’ve made this decision to change my life pretty drastically and relatively abruptly.  I’m moving to NYC…before November.

While the decision technically happened almost over night, it came with a lot of difficulty and Beautiful Mind-type 3D forethought.  Ultimately, after 4 long and arduous years in LA exploring my various artistic endeavors, I feel like I’d rather continue to plug away in NYC.  This decision obviously comes with the realization that despite the apparent fresh start and opportunity in NYC, I’d be departing from an amazing life I’ve built in LA including an irreplaceable family of friends, enjoyable gigs, and vast knowledge of the LA parking system.

Honestly, I never loved LA.  I liked it a lot, and had to be here to pursue what my dreams had in store for me.  I moved 3,000 from FL to LA 4 years ago, and I have always believed in my decisions.  There are many things I loved about LA though and will dearly miss, moving 3,000 miles back east.

The only thing I know for sure, is that I’ll have an extremely difficult time being a gigging piano player in NYC.  The week tour I did last year was an interesting challenge as I powered through the crowded and bustling subway system toting gear and an 88-key keyboard (and also inadvertently becoming one of the most polite people in NYC, saying sorry every couple minutes).

I want to have one last gig before leaving LA, so please stay tuned for that, as I may even get to book it at a rather amazing venue (details coming so damn soon).  And you can expect there to be a great music coming out of this move.




PS: Regardless, I still have my Hammers & Strings EP coming (at least in part) before I leave for heavy-jacket weather.  I want you to love this new music as much as I do.