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So I’m staying in LA now.

(that was my “previously on Eric Schackne Music Life Piano Vest…” etc etc ‘get you caught up’ tool)

I’ve had some very busy days getting my life re-charged and in order.  When I decided to move to NYC I didn’t sign another lease October 1st, so I’ve been technically homeless for the last month, gracing the unforgiving leather cushions that line my brother’s six-foot couch.  1/4 of my belongings is in storage in NoHo and 1/4 of my belongings is stored in an extra room at my old house, leaving a quarter of my stuff at my brothers and the remaining stuff in my car.  I’ve also spent almost all day everyday surfing padmapper looking for a place to live again.

When I decided to move, I called the apt office the morning I was supposed to sign the lease to say that I wasn’t going to sign that lease…and now I have to look all over again.  And believe me, there are some wacky places on the market right now! (whoah that came out stand-up-y…my bad)

But seriously folks, one of the places I looked at, expecting a guest room in a house in Los Feliz ended up being sort of a group home.  And there were two doors to the bedroom, one of which leading to another place’s living room (which I only found out because I went to open it and was abruptly told to stop.  So I then opened the closets to see how the doors worked and such and such, and the second closet I opened had a washer and dryer in it.  A washing machine…and also a drying machine…in the closet of what would be some idiot‘s room.  After finding out that was the washer and dryer for the entire dublex, I told her to stop explaining the “amenities” because I was leaving.

Aside from that, I released a youtube video this week; a lyric video for my new song “This Classic Romance” (click that if you haven’t seen it, I worked hard on it).  That’s true parentheses me, I DID work hard on it.  I spent the greater part of over three months designing the frames for the video.  I not only needed great photos but great hi-resolution photos that I could arrange letters on and be legible and interesting.  I really did strive to make each photo as important as the piece itself, and there are a few that I ended up being super proud of as far as graphic design goes.

The video has been doing pretty well on the internet I suppose, though I would love it to be going more “viral” because there really is a lot to it and you can watch it a million times and stil find something cool and new about it (the same way I feel about this giant oil paint replication of “Starry Night” by Van Gogh that I got a while ago)

Anyhow, I’ve also got this radio show tomorrow that I’ll technically be “releasing” my single during an interview.  And, I’m going to start reaching out to blogs with some art that I made for my album as well, in case you know someone that writes for a music blog…  I’m kind of hoping that if I just put a ton of hours into this and try to find something new to try every day, then this amorphous business model of the music industry might start to take some sort of form.

Whoah that sentence got away from me.

Well I’m off now, my reason for staying is back in town and I want to get some work done before my day exponentially improves.


Love always,


I spent a lot of time on this video, I’m allowed to push it in your faces.  Please share with your friends if you can 🙂


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