Recording ’11 began today

So earlier, I got to find out if I can actually play the full drum parts to my songs.  Today, I began recording for my sophomore solo effort.  I’ve always prided myself in an ability to play piano, guitar, and drums, though I’ve never had to physically play drums in a band (yet).  For my first EP I recorded, we used some amazing sounded programmed drums because of budget, and to be honest, we got it sounding pretty real.  Needless to say, I was excited to get the chance to prove this to my “audience.”

For starters, I wanted to work on “Loud and Clear,” which is an anthem-y song about the euphoric feeling of being on stage while the audience sings your song back to you.  After recording a scratch vocals/piano track (just a simple recording to hold my place in the song) I went to work on the drums.  Here’s a pic of the set up!

I’ve never had myself recorded playing drums before, and if there’s ever an instrument that requires precision, it’s a drum set.  Needless to say, I was worried that any imperfections in my playing would be underlined by the hi-tech recording equipment.  To my relief, everything was sounding really great and I was really getting to work on the parts of the song and perfect them right there.

After that, I went to work on the bass, laying down a heavy, grungy-but-sweet bass line.  The song was already sounding so full and rich with only having terrible piano and vocals (with respect to what it WILL sound like) backed by a solid rhythm section.

Five hours of bliss spent creating the makings of the next great pianorock song.


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